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Sylvia Plath in Ontario

Here’s something remarkable from Carmine Starnino and the Véhicule Press Blog; a photo of Sylvia Plath feeding a deer … in Ontario:

Plath Feeds Deer in Ontario

Plath Feeds Deer in Ontario

I can’t comment too much on this, as Plath isn’t saying anything about Canada; it’s hard not to notice, however, that the photo contains Plath herself, a deer, and a bunch of trees. (It’s not, for example, Sylvia Plath hailing a cab on a busy street corner in Toronto. We do have busy street corners, you know. And cabs. Really.) This seems in keeping with general impressions of Canada as a wilderness nation that’s a great place to go if you want to see trees, mountains, or wild animals, but not really a destination for culture or other more civilized pursuits.

The photo could be from 1959, when, according to Wikipedia:

Plath and [Ted] Hughes travelled across Canada and the United States, staying at the Yaddo artist colony in New York State in 1959.

I haven’t read much Plath beyond the standard Norton Anthology selections, but I wonder if she mentions Canada anywhere? I think there’s a Collected Poems on the shelf upstairs….

Véhicule Press has more cool photos of writers from the Faber archives. None of them are in Canada, however.

Enjoy nevertheless.


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